Ariella WellsAriella6

i have a family of 7, 4 of which are most likely celiacs.  myself included in that.  We drink smoothies, fresh veggie juices, i did add meat back to our diet – we were vegan.  I take digestive enzymes and betaine to help with digestion of that. lots of salad.  sauerkraut.  kombucha.  portobello mushroom pizzas (no cheese) homemade. occasionally muffins or bread with coconut flour or almond flour.  one kid and myself can not have almond.  the other 2 can not have coconut.  so i have to make both things.  We LOVE elanas pantry.  She has 2 books out and so many recipes on her website! sauteed vegetables, vegetable soups, spaghetti squash, other squashes, asparagus, there are lots of yummy things to eat! good luck on your journey!