I think the flour farmwife is referring to is nut flours like almond flour etc. or coconut flour. I eat very much the same thing she is describing. An example would be breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs (organic) topped with avacado slices. I eat this almost everyday because there isn't much more I can think of other than a bowl of fresh organic fruit. For lunch: small steak  (grass fed), sweet potato with a little ghee and a salad with just a little lemon juice and EVOO. Dinner: baked salmon (wild caught) baked with a little cocobutter on top, steamed zuc and yellow squash with ghee and maybe some sauteed spinach and kale in EVOO. I'm still on a very restrictive eating plan because I showed food sensitivity for some other things like all forms of sugar ie. cane, honey, maple syrup etc. I have been unable to use many of the recipes because of my restrictions. I try and buy all my organic produce from Whole Foods and buy grass fed beef there or order on line from uswellness.com. Kroger also has some organic fruits and vegetables and they even have frozen wild caught salmon with no color, salt etc. added. Also I only use pure organic Sea Salt and other spices. Dr. O has a great list on this site of hidden names for corn that I take with me a lot because so many products…food and others like toothpaste, shampoos etc. have hidden ingredients in them. Good to print out and have close by. Also, stay away from all those products labeled gluten free like the gluten free cookies, baked goods, chips etc. They do contain grains. This has been quite a jouney for me as I was just diagnosed in July, but I'm learning. Hope this helps a little. If you have any other questions please post. There a many people here on the site that can help you.

Godd bless you with great health,