I just stopped to see my pharmacist.  He informed me that the generic med I was on had just been changed to another manufacturer.  He pulled up info on all 3:  the Cytomel Brand, the Generic I use to have and the new generic brand.  From the list of ingredients there was Starch is in Cytomel, starch in the old generic brand, and Cellulose in the new generic brand.  On my list of Corn derived ingredients is both Starch and Cellulose.

I have been on a strict Grain Free diet.  I did have a few hour burp, about 3 weeks ago, where I had no pain or tiredness, it was wonderful, but very short lived.

Recently I was served Non-dairy Creamer in my coffee by mistake and I got no reaction (it has Corn Syrup in it).  So, because I saw no improvement and have been suffering in unexplained pain and tiredness, even on this strict diet, I figured that grain was sneaking into my diet somewhere, that's when I started to look at my meds.

I am on a low dose of 50mcg a day, I just stopped taking it today.

What would you recommend I do?