Diane ZidesDiane Zides

I agree 100%. I don't use anything with glycerin in it. It irritates me. I use salt to brush with and sometimes hydrogen peroxide and baking powder. I also use a pinch of baking powder and some water as a deoderant. Works great. I use it to wash my hair as well after making a mixture of it with water. I rinse with diluted vinegar. Works as good as anything to clean hair. I get reactions to just about everything out there, so I had to find alternates. I use 100% cocoa butter to moisturize. I'd use coconut oil but I'm intolerant to it. Anything you put on your skin goes into it, so I can't take a chance.

I read that teflon pans kill birds if they're in the same room they're being used in, especially if the pan is deteriorating. I used one once and got rid of it. The idea of a coating wasn't appealing and I felt it wasn't healthy.