Eva DiazMolly

Bea, tried your crepes today and they were great in taste.  I had a little trouble with

the thickness of the liquide.  Don't know what I did wrong but it was very thick and it would not spread when you tilt the pan.  I added water and more water and more water until I had it to were it would spread.  And they still tasted good.  Thou I did notice I had to cook them for a while because it seem that the middle was not done.  Or they suppose to be thick?  Which would be ok it's just I couldn't get them to spread when I tilted the pan.  Please help and let me know what I did wrong.  I still may sandwichs for my daughter.  Also I not sure how I'll find your answer because I don't usually use the formus and I don't really know how to use them.  But the taste of these crepes were sooooooo good I just need to know what I did wrong. I hope I can find your answer on this formus.