Thanks for the reply, Redbird. You are right, I need to completely stay away from all grains, soy dairy, legumes. etc. or my auto-immune hypothyroid problems will never clear up, and may even get worse. I just have to keep reminding myself how toxic glutens are, and to stop thinking small amounts here and there probably wont hurt me, because over time, they will, and have. You are right about all of the sick and obese people in this country, and when I see these people, I often wonder how many are sick due to glutens. Probably most of them. It also doesn’t help with all the so-called studies out there like you said that promote things that are bad for us and try to steer us away from things that aren’t. My wife is from the old school, and still says I don’t feel good because I’m not eating a balanced diet because I’m not consuming lots of grains, like the food pyramid says I’m supposed to. Sadly, sometimes my wife is my worst enemy and biggest hinderence in my quest to be totally gluten free. Frown I know it’s going to be a long tough road ahead, but I will definitely make sure I’m up for the challenge. My future depends on it. No more eating a 90-95% Paleo Diet, because the 5-10% part can cause me a lot of damage and suffering. It’s time to be “All in”.

Thanks again, and have a good day.