Thanks Lori,
I think your reply was just what I needed. Sometimes being scared in to doing the right thing is much needed. I’ve known about being Hypothyroid for a while now, but only found out about Hashimotos a few months ago. I kept believing the Hashimotos was a symptom caused by an under-lying problem. I too now believe like you that gluten is at the root of my health problems. I so believed I could figure it out and correct the problem, so I never did take any medication like dessicated Naturethroid or Armour, since I’ve read that regular T4 only meds will pretty much leave you sick and may even make you worse. I think I’ll go on the meds until I can get this all sorted out, because being Hypothyroid and not treating it is extremely miserable! I’ve recently read where some Hypothyroid patients had thier problems clear up to where they could either cut back on, or completely stop taking thier thyroid medications after being truly grain free. You are right, it’s time to do this and never look back. I have some loved ones now that are sickly, and have also lost loved ones to diseases that I believe were probably caused by, or at least made worse by gluten, because I’m sure they had at least some of the same gluten genes that I have.
It’s also tough watching my 3 kids and wife still consuming gluten filled foods on a regular basis. I see problems starting to show up in them that I know are coming from gluten, but they keep ignoring my warnings.
You are right, the healing will probably be slow, but the results will be well worth the effort. Let’s both hang in there.

Thanks again and best wishes.