Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

My wife’s Enterolab test shows no Celiac genes but does show one gluten sensitivity gene. Anyone that has a Celiac gene has to totally avoid all gluten or their immune system will keep damaging the villi in the small intestine. Total avoidance of gluten will allow the small intestine to recover and heal over time, according to research. Anyone who has the GS gene has to also avoid all gluten to avoid contracting the same auto-immune diseases and bad symptoms. Problem with all this is there is no middle ground and any consumption of gluten/grains/soy/legumes is going to keep us ill and unhealthy. The talking heads on tv are now making it all “sugar” and “red meats” but eat plenty of grains? They will push a group survey as “fact” but ignore research on grains/legumes being toxins, and not just any toxin but a neurotoxin that will damage nerves and the brain. No wonder there are so many sick and obese people in this country. Every time you turn around there is another “non-scientific” study on groups of people and supposed “findings of fact” that are wrong.Frown