Hi Diane,
Sorry to hear you’re suffering from the same stuff I am. I know occasionally I still eat something that does not agree with me and I don’t feel real well afterwards. It sometimes makes me feel fatigued, gassy, foggy-brained, etc. It sometimes makes my heart beat even faster and harder than it already does, which is already very annoying. I know these are also symptoms of my Hashimotos. I still think I should get on some good dessicated or specially compounded thyroid medicine, at least until I can get my stomach and intestines back in good health which I hope will help correct my thyroid problems. It just seems crazy to keep suffering from this thyroid condition needlessly while I’m going through the rest of my healing process. I know I have recently cut out all grains, so I know it will be a while until I am better. I didn’t get this way overnight, so I can’t expect it to go away overnight either. It may be time to have another food sensitivity test done, like ALCAT or Elisa ACT, since it’s been a while. Maybe something else is bothering me and causing inflammation, which will just keep my Hashimotos from ever healing.

Lets all hang in there and beat this thing!