Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

There is the possibility of grain cross-contamination in our beans and peanuts because of farming on the same land with harvesters/trucks/silos and factories processing them all on the same packing lines too. Watch the videos and read the research reports that Dr. O has provided and you will see that legumes have dangerous toxins called lectins that also are not good to eat, especially for folks like us that already have the genetic food problems. Maybe someone can add more to this but it seems that Dr. O sees a lot of patients that have CD/GS and a lot of them don’t totally recover good health until they eliminate all the grains and legumes besides just gluten. It seems that there can be damage done inside without giving us noticeable symptoms and if that can happen what level of health are you willing to obtain and what are you willing to give up to make sure?