Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Jeff, hang in there pal. It is not easy to totally lose all the grains/legumes, even if trying hard. My wife found out she has the GS problem after going on the GF diet to help me, we had no idea her health issues were related to gluten/grains/legumes. Maybe you can explain to your wife that your Enterolab tests show you have a “genetic” disease and even the experts who design the “healthy food pyramid” would tell you that your HLA-DQ Celiac Gene requires you to totally avoid “all” gluten to get well and stop/prevent any of the diseases that derive from this CD/GS genetic issue. I also have a terrible time seeing all my sicko family members who obviously have the GS genes for sure with symptoms even worse than mine were before going GF. They are educated and should be seriously looking at our success with the GF diet and Enterolab tests for proof. I really can’t understand what they are thinking or how they are justifying dismissing this discovery. I’ve heard, “it’s too expensive to be on the diet” or “my doctor doesn’t think so” or “it’s just food and we all have to eat and it’s supposed to be good for us”??? I tell them it’s not expensive, just eat good real food and ignore the false “gluten-free” junk. I have also upset them when reminding them that when we lived down in Texas we also had the same “Doctor” they visit and were never helped with our problems, just meds that didn’t help like Welchol for diarrhea, suppositories for rectal bleeding, etc. So I tell them the Doctor is not going to help them with a diet, and she once told me she was saving up to retire and lose all the stress. Can’t make money by running off patients onto a GF diet instead of office visits and medicine kickbacks, won’t pay the BMW note on the GF diet??? I’ve tried to reach my family and have helped a few and others just laugh it off. It seems that they are angry because we are starting to really feel great while they are suffering and sick all the time but they are not interested in hearing advice. They don’t even open my e-mails with links that explain the facts and research reports that explain why avoiding gluten/grains can get them healthy again. Have to let go, we’ve tried to reach them, it’s their health to live with!