Judy JohnsonJudyJ

Thanks a bunch for this info!  I'm going to have to search further for meats before I just give up and scream.  🙂  If you tried to prepare meals for my family with all the different health issues and tastes…one of which will not try new foods.  No these are not children.  It would be much easier if I was dealing with kids! Shakespeare could have written a tragic comedy about mealtime in our home.


We did get some from a local farmer.  The bacon was fantastic, but the ground beef was so greasy (so it shrunk A LOT) and had bones in it.  I would like to find ground chuck. I am also trying to feed four people.  As small as those bones are, they get caught in the throat of one (who has damage due to a very bad job with radiation after cancer and now has a very narrow opening for the food to pass) and another with diverticulitis who takes drastic measures to watch anything that can possibly settle into the pockets as he was told if he has another attack, he will have to have emergency surgery to remove part of his colon.