Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Have been trying hard to stay Gluten and grain free since discovering my GS problem 7 months ago. After 45 years of bad gut problems and night time brain/sleep problems I immediately felt great. It now appears that the longer I’ve stayed away from purposeful gluten,etc. that I am much more sensitive to “any” amount of accidental exposure. At first I could usually easily pinpoint the culprit in my food but now it’s getting harder to figure out what I did wrong. I think there are some items that are usually safe that may not “always” be safe and can have contamination, regardless of how many times eaten before without problems? You wouldn’t expect something like a package of pure hashbrown potato patties to be a problem but I discovered a while back that they dust them with flour to keep them from sticking together after freezing? So far I seem to be unable to take any gluten not getting where I can accidentally get a little without symptoms and the worst is that I can have sleeptime anxiety/fog without any gut symptoms at all. Maybe that’s good because it makes me try harder to not cheat and slip back into bad eating habits.