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I am so glad I didn’t do that even though I wonder too.

The results are in for this. My total IgE was 5.6. I did not react to eggs, avocado, pork, banana, cucumber, olive, sardines and strawberry. Each and everthing else that I am eating (and was tested on) Came out in the very low. Several things came out in 1+ also. Crab, which I only eat on seaweed was 2+ and buckwheat registered at 3+.

One specific question:

Some of the foods that I showed a reaction to I am not actively trying to eat such as corn, gluten, and milk. Oops I had been eating butter and switched to ghee recently. Is this more serious than a food I eat alot of testing reactive? Is this a sign that things are cross contaminated? Is this a sign that my body is not getting these things cleaned out very fast?

I discovered, by my test, and other factors that I was sold cocoa powder (a no no for me) rather than Carob powder by mistake. Now, I have a 25 lb bag of cocoa powder and the bag is out of the original box! I need to verify it by smelling carob powder and cocoa powder, but I am fairly sure. I was suspicious from the very first whiff of it. So if anyone needs cocoa powder, let me know!

My test was done by Genova Diagnostics. My chiro and I are not sure of the signifigance of all of this, but we are working on it. We did realize that I am having leaky gut problems. I appear to be reacting to things I only get in my supplements. Therefore, after 5 years of these supplements that saved my life; I must conclude that I need to change?