Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

I am very interested in this as I have been trying to determine if grains fed to the animals actually causes grain to be in the meat?  I haven't found anything that confirms this, not sure if anyone really knows.  But it seems that if even Wellness meats are fed corn and soy…….hmmm, good 'food for thought'.  I would like to get Dr. O's response to this.  I know grass fed beef, free range chicken, and wild caught salmon is still healthier due to the higher quality meats (better nutritional content), but just wondering if grain fed will cause an actual “reaction” in people who cannot tolerate grains. 

So,  Sara what did you decide to do about your ducks?  In addition to the flax, I read once somewhere about feeding coconut (shredded I'm assuming) to chickens, not sure if that would work for ducks but you could research it.  

Good for you on making those calls and I say keep up the great work!  Let us know how you come out.