Lori Quandtfarmwife67

I get real tired of eating out with anyone, because that is always where the conversation goes, then I get to see their eyes roll or you can just tell by what they say (mind you they brought it up), they think I'm stupid for eating the way I do. I am getting to a point where when people ask, I'm just going to say, I really don't like to talk about my diet. We went out to eat with a family member a few weeks ago and he brought a cake for a birthday and told me, I'm not sure if it's gluten free, but I'm pretty sure it is. WHAT? Are you kidding me, I said, “there is NO way that cake is safe for me to eat.” It was a normal devils food cake not even traditional gluten free. He just wanted met to have a piece and acted hurt because I didn't. I told him I was way to full anyway and wouldn't have eaten it even if I could have……How can they think I am deprived, when I just ate a steak and baked potato, cooked with no seasoning and plain potato. I really was stuffed! Guess I got off on a tangent, sorry….LOL