Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Thank you, just wanted to share some information on what is being discussed among some researchers and medical experts in this field. Many people are skeptical and are not willing to consider any of this as science until some group of “scientific researchers” perform a study that is reported in a recognized medical journal. The issue of cross-reactivity as regards false immunity response to similar proteins may or may not be a true condition but the theory is fairly new. We have found that we do have a problem with oats and even Elisa certified gluten-free oats. That means there is some kind of reaction taking place that is not gliaden/gluten exposure. Coffee was listed as a possible cross-reactive protein and we quit coffee after nearly 50 years of drinking it daily and now feel better without coffee. Don’t know what’s the issue with coffee but it’s real. I know it’s not advisable to jump on every theory and idea that comes along but finding total health requires experimenting to get rid of offending foods/drinks/medicines/soaps and cosmetics. It can never hurt us to eliminate a possible irritant for a short time to find out if it matters!