Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Just read a report of a research performed in Great Britain. I think they are going to fight allowing the GMO corn in their food over there.   The scientists were testing our corn made with GMO in the seed laboratories and it was determined that the genetically engineered corn had a virus injected into the corn cells that cause the corn to make it's own “natural” pesticide. Then when eaten by us humans our body instead of trying to get rid of the corn gene it tries to reproduce it making pesticide in our own cells. Maybe good if we need to get rid of gut worms? WOW    I guess we can take it but I wonder if that stuff is in our gasoline and hurting our cars??haha

I already know from my working days at Dupont that they use GMO in
their Pioneer Seed Company seeds to make their crops immune to being
sprayed with their pesticides,fungicides and herbicides, but allow the
bugs and weeds to be killed. That can't be good for us either.

  Conclusion:   I just chunked our Fritos and Tostido chips just like I chunked the Wheat Chex cereal yesterday.    Only using a small amount of Xylitol sweetner if any at all. It is natural made from a special Birch tree and sqeezed out like cane into sugar. Definitely no corn sweetner product.   The Truvia from the stevia plant that we got from Walmart is leached out to make a sugar using toxic chemicals. No calories but plenty of anti-freeze, wow!