Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Lori, I totally agree and sure don't have any answers, just doing a lot of looking and research.  Now there is research showing problems for CD folks with WheatGermAgglutins and Zonulin ZOT proteins keeping the TJ fibers open totally separate from the immune response. Probably a disease with many different aspects.  I thought I had found the research that would show corn as a separate gluten response when reading an abstract from some Swedish Scientists but when I got all the way to the bottom of the report on the patients they said they got their corn from a  “supposedly” gluten free/contamination free source but when they ran the  lab test on the corn for cross-contamination it did show some wheat gluten/gliaden.  We have both of Pamela's flours, one the “bread mix flour” using sorghum in addition to the rice,etc and the Pamela's pancake and baking flour mostly rice and tapioca without sorghum.  I don't know if the sorghum (if not contaminated) is bothering me or if like the folks say on GlutenZap that the other grains are cross-contaminated as shown by their EZ Gluten test kits.   For my purposes I know I don't eat the Pamela's bread mix/flour.  Big problem is if they are right it can be just luck if you get any of the GF flours or processed food that is not CC.   We are gradually moving as far away from the GF products but it's not easy.   We can eat just meats/fruits and vegetables and if what I've been reading about seed company scientists producing crossed/genetic engineered crops with “special” qualities and containing WGA, etc. then the only safe way to eat is “maybe” if you grow all your own.   Even if you have the time/money/land and equipment to do all that it's not necessarily that good either.  The recent cantalope listeria bacteria scare that caused a recall after killing a few and sickening many divulged that the soil in most all places has different bacterias and fungi that can affect humans and the crop. Listeria supposedly is not rare to find in someone's soil and even if yours is clean can become contaminated by stray animals that eat on the crop and use it for a potty?   Also, store bought “fresh produce” in many cases has been fumigated and possibly sprayed with a waxy/invisible coating for protection and the coating sometimes has gluten in it.    Seems like walking a tightrope and at 65 my balance is not that great!haha