Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

I also visit a website that is mainly for folks with CD who are super-sensitive and some there are research Ph'ds offering advice.  They are into the traditional CD theory of  wheat/barley and rye and the
“other” grain problem is explained as cross-contamination.
They are not buying into the “other” grains causing the CD/gluten problem but do run the expensive gluten test kits on  “advertised gluten free” products that are sold to us.   Their results show over 45% of the GF processed foods/flours are “strong”  gluten(wheat,barley,rye) positive and most of the rest do show some “slight” positive on the 10ppm and 5ppm tests. Still below the FDA allowable 20ppm on gluten but still more than a lot of us can eat without symptoms.  I do remember seeing the test on the new GF corn and rice chex cereal both showing positive on their tests. That was just “after” I had bought a box of the GF Corn Chex!  Seems to not cause any gut symptoms but still probably causing harm. I do like the substitute Pamela's GF flours but using them too often makes my “brain fog” return and they also show positive on their gluten test kits?