I have not knowingly had corn since I got my diagnosis but I bought a new supplement and started having stomach cramping and bathroom issues.  I didn't see anything listed in the ingredients, so I emailed the company, Country Life.  In the meantime, I stopped using the product, and the symptoms cleared up immediately.  It had been bad enough I was concerned about being dehydrated.  So, I am completely convinced that I cannot tolerate corn.




  The reply I got:  Country Life CoQ10

Thank you for your inquiry.  We are a certified gluten free
facility, thus all wheat, barley, oats, and rye would not be used in our
products.  As far as corn, I would need to know which specific CoQ10 product you
are interested in OR you can look at our products that are on our website and
the allergens are listed.  If corn is NOT listed in the Does Not Contain
statement, then there is a corn derived ingredient present.