Lori Quandtfarmwife67

I would answer yes you need seperate cookware. I threw out all of my cookware that was nonstick, because I know gluten can attach to that.  I finally quit cooking gluten for anyone, I have a seperate toaster so when the kids come home from college they can have their toast and such, but, it is in a cupboard with a pull out shelf and they are not to take the toaster out of the cupboard other than to empty it. I leave that countertop as a glutened counter top, which it doesn't get much, but I am still overly cautious and do not prepare any food there. I wipe it off only with papertowels. If they happen to use a pan (which is aluminum and not nonstick). I also only wash it with papertowel. (which really doesn't happen anymore, it makes me very nervous)  My biggest thing I fight, is they will stick something in my microwave which is right above my stove and I just about lose it because I tell them the crumbs will go right in my food I am cooking.  It is a never ending battle, but we must be diligent!