Charles MarksCharlie

I've tried lonnngg periods of no coffee, have tried loongg periods of eating fresh fruits and veggies, I have slept very well for long periods,  I never take any sort of percription drugs or medicine.  however, I'm way too skinny for my age and how much, and what I eat.  Insulin has to be important here so I'm trying to slow my system down.  This means no sugar, little little fruit, no carbs, mostly meat and fat.  Actually, I know fat is the answer, its alreayd helping me.  I would like other people to try and eat 60% of daily consumption be from beef lard.  Annnd little fruit because its raising insulin too high.  I crave sugar often, which is interesting, and I'm resisting eating sugar, and really feel like I need it.  I think I wll eventually get a lot better adapting to not having sugar.