Molly said:

I'm still working on this to try and make it even better.  Will let you know.


sorry it's taking me a while to get back on the recipe of the tortillas, but I realize that the company has change to ingredents a

little with their NEW pkging. And they have added some ingredents to their new boxes and I need to check them out all over

again, So we can't use the old not printed yet tortilla recipe because they changed the ingredents and I need to try the new

box now since they will not longer make the red bags.  They have added Sodium Bicarbonate & cream of tartar and their

manioc starch indicated Modified. DR. O do I need to be on guard with the new ingredents?  Please let me know. Also their

Manio flour now says manioc (tapioca) flour. So I check out there New box with there ingredents first and see it I have to

ajust it and let you know.