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Peter OsbornePeter Osborne


I wonder if gluten intolerance in the mother is somehow connected to a longer gestation period for babies, causing the baby to go past the due date (which from what I’ve read is too early to begin with given the actual average length of pregnancies, especially first time babies) and then when the baby goes past its due date, it is more likely that labor will be induced, and if that fails because the body is not ready, then a c-section is more likely to follow?

And then because of the genetics, the babies are more likely to have celiac disease because of their mothers’ gluten intolerance–so possibly not a causal relationship between c-sections and baby’s celiac but between mother’s gluten intolerance and length of pregnancy or another factor causing more c-sections?

I ask because I’m gluten intolerant and have had two c-section after I went past my due dates (first after failed induction just past due date, second planned after I didn’t go into labor by due date) My mother and grandmother had late babies, and were from what I understand now almost certainly were gluten intolerant. But in the past doctors were not so likely to induce or do c-sections unless there was an emergency reason, so the babies were all just very late. No one in my family to my knowledge actually has had celiac disease, but both my mother and grandmother died from other autoimmune diseases/related complications.