Jackie Scarbrough

It does clarify, thank you.  So what I'm understanding is that if you're avoiding seeds for a hormone reason then that's one thing, but it's different then saying they aren't safe due to gluten.  Right?  Just making sure I'm getting this straight because I know how confusing this can all be to those who are new to it, and apparently even to those of us who have been at this for years.   

I must say though, I did think cashews were nuts, I did not realize they were seeds so I apologize for posting that.  My brother in law is allergic to tree nuts and he also avoids/reacts to cashews so I guess he must unknowingly have a problem with seeds or at least cashews in addition to the other tree nuts.

I haven't had a chance to watch the video you're referring to due to it's length and my computer taking forever to load up videos.  I would love to watch it though and plan to as soon as I have the time to let it load up.  I'm wondering if you use organic raw cashews and soak them if that takes care of the “toxin” problem?  Are you referring to lectins?  Because if so, I think soaking takes care of that. 

I have just never heard that we should all avoid cashews, but Dr. O if you think that's best for us all can you let us know?  Thanks.