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That's a loaded question and a difficult one to answer. It depends on what health goals you are trying to achieve. If I'm reading your question correctly, you are looking for a bread substitute. From a simply grain-free perspective, white potatoes would probably be the answer. Potatoes, however, have a high glycemic index and should be eaten sparingly if at all. Also, from a leaky gut/allergen perspective, nothing should be eaten 3 times per day every day. The best source for carbs is from a wide variety of vegetables.

I started this diet (and eased my family into it) by baking “carb staples” with almond flour and coconut flour (breads, muffins, cookies, crackers, etc.). I still bake, but less so now as we've adjusted to the “healthier” concepts we've been learning about (it's a process!). Crackers continue to be one “staple” that I continue to make regularly as they satisfy that snacking need and keep us out of the chip bag!