Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

Yes!!  I had them ALL THE TIME, multiple in my mouth at once ever since I was young.  When I was a teenager my Grandmother bought me my own little bottle of  “Anbesol” because I would almost cry they hurt so much when I ate.  She always wondered why I got so many of them, but obviously had no idea about gluten.  Someone even told me to put salt directly on them, which hurt really bad, but did seem to help them go away faster.

In my twenties I asked my dental hygienist why I got them all the time and she told me it was from bacteria in my mouth (implying I didn't brush enough which was NOT the case!)…….

Even after having kids, I'd use their little “Baby Orajel” on myself.

Since I've been gluten free I have hardly had any at all!  It has been one of the most wonderful changes I've noticed.  But like the previous poster said, if I get cc'd, I will still have them pop up.  I recently found something that said they can be caused by deficiencies of iron, folic acid, &/or B12.  (from the book “Recognizing Celiac Disease” by Cleo Libonati)