Diane ZidesDiane Zides

I remember controvery between doctors over allowing fruit or not back then, so I didn't have any. I'm not allowed berries or melons for that reason, but this time I can have peaches, plums, etc. I'm on a 4 day rotation diet to avoid becoming intolerant to more foods. I can have coffee once in 4 days as well. I'm doing a hydrogen peroxide/ B vitamin drip once a week. Perhaps I can be more liberal with fruit sugars because of this.  I have no idea. The drip is supposed to eliminate the candida rapidly. I was told I'd need about 8 treatments. I'm not a lover of fruit unless it's ripe, but having gluten intolerance, candida, and many other food intolerances is making my diet quite limited, so I'm eating what I'm allowed in the mean time and trying to enjoy it, until I see my doctor again.