Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

Yes, I had been off all grains, dairy, sugar, and soy for over eight months.  I was doing better but still not GOOD.  I was still having lots of unwanted symptoms.  That is when I had the food intolerance and other testing done.  I tested positive for many foods, I didn't even count them, several dozen but maybe a dozen or so which I consumed regularly.  It was months before I could really say I felt better and I started gaining weight.  Initially I felt worse, I guess that is what they call a “die-off” reaction which was horrible.  For about 5 days I had headaches (which I rarely get), was very moody and extremely tired.  I almost gave up, then it was done.  I do still have occassional bad days; I need probiotics too which I have been having trouble taking due to reactions, which I guess can also be “die-off”, I'm working myself up. 

All I can say is don't give up, it can be a very slow process.  I have been going at this all for about two years (took the long road starting with “traditional” gf)….but after all this time I am having many more good days than bad whereas I had all bad days, maybe someday they will be mostly or all good.