Jennifer SwiftJennifer Swift

Sorry your having such a tough time Marcia…….

Have you eliminated those other items from your diet, the dairy soy & eggs?  If not, you may want to try that for a 4-6 week period and see what happens.  It took me three months of very rigid tracking to find all the foods my system wasn’t tolerating.  My list is: all grains, corn, rice, quinoa, dairy, nightshades, sugar & many many fruits.  I no longer eat any processed food, nothing that I haven’t made myself.  It’s a struggle but it has made a huge difference in how I feel.  There are a lot of websites that have recipes for Paleo lifestyle, sometimes I have to tweek the recipes because they have some items in there that I can’t eat but all in all they offer a lot of information and support too.  My favorites are Against All Grain & Elana’s Pantry…….there are many more I’m sure are good, but I’m new to this 3 months and haven’t branched out that far yet.

I know your concerned about the testing, have you thought about finding another doctor?  Like I said I got so frustrated with doctors telling me I was fine, probably depressed, I was depressed because no one was helping me and I felt horrible.  I have had the testing, but now I’m not so sure it was really necessary I think I just needed to be patient with the process.  I have learned that food is huge!!!! 

I hope this helped a little…..you’re not alone…………I know how frustrating the traditional medical community can be.

FYI, the people from the website usually look at these messages once a month or so at least that’s what I’ve noticed.  Dr. Oz usually pops up monthly!  Hang in there!