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Robena said:

Robena from Florida

  I have gluten sensitivity, along with Candida Albicans, and I am on a 4 day rotation diet. The dietician recommended that I eat Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet and Teff. She said they were considerd seeds, rather then grains, and didn't contain gluten. I would like others experience's with these grains. Are they really gluten free and safe in small amounts?

 Molly needs help for her daughter,

Robena, I see that you have Candida as well as Gluten Sensitivity.  I have a daughter with special needs and she is still having

problems and its hard for me as well as the drs. to really tell were her pain really is.  I do try and do True gluten but there are time

that she'll seek something when I'm not looking and my husband has no problem so he thinks we're crazy, so therefore my home is not totally Gluten Free. In the mean time I'm trying everything I can to keep her from having pain.  We visited Dr. O last May and from the test that I showed him he's almost sure she has GS. I'm thinking that she might have Candida also but not sure what the symptom are. If you could let me know how you discovered how you have Candida so that maybe I can go from there.  We are unable to have more test with Dr. O because of finances, but am hoping that maybe be for the year is over that we might be able to do more test with Dr. O. I'm the one that has to try and found her problem because all the drs want to do is give her Meds. For the longest time I though she had Gluten something since I started reading about it several years ago. Just could'nt get the drs. to agree with me, they said No way could she have Gluten. Anyway if you are any one else that has Candida give some info on it I would GREATELY appreciate it.

Thanks, A Million