Cherea BanikThychamp

I recommend watching Dr. O’s tutorials.  I also have thyroid disease.  I have not been diagnosed with any primary pituitary issues, but check out the video “Exercise for the Gluten Intolerant.”  Dr. Osborne explains in that video how gluten is a known hormone disruptor.  This would apply to both thyroid and pituitary hormones as well as any other hormone, especially since hormones are produced by our endocrine system anyway.  


I have been grain free since May 2012 and I have not had a change in my thyroid status, but Dr. Osborne explained that it can take 18 months to 3 years to put an autoimmune disease in remission, so I’m just plugging away a day at a time.

I did have my doctor prescribe compounded thyroid hormone without corn, and along with that came thyroid hormone without cellulose, and that means the binding agent is not there and I feel much better on the compounded thyroid.  I don’t know if or what kind of thyroid hormone you take but in the meantime while you are trying to heal, research options on thyroid meds if you haven’t already.  There is night and day difference between some of them.