Gill BellGillb

hi Tracie – my understanding is that the antibodies (to gluten/gliadin) can also attack the thyroid and i think i have read that this is because the thyroid tissue is similar to gluten. also because the gluten makes us systemically ill it can also affect the thyroid function – something that is called ‘sick thyroid syndrome’ – you’re ill and this affects the functioning of the thyroid but the thyroid itself isnt ill or diseased. apparently its quite common for the thyroid to be affected by gluten sensitivities. i have had to reduce my levothyroxine from 125 mcg per day down to less than 50 mcg and it may be that i have had the sick thyroid syndrome and no longer need it – or it could be that i had poor absorption and that’s why i needed the higher dose? i dont know anything about the functioning of the pituitary relating to gluten.