Lori Quandtfarmwife67

I have lost 44 lbs total. It has taken me about a year.  I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in May and I gained some of my weight back then, because of eating so much processed CRAP!  Then, I found your website thanks to my lovely niece!  I started losing a little and you had told me to give up dairy and sugar so I did.  (I kept losing very slowly) The only things I had to give up after that was potatoes and my agave and I only eat apples and berries for fruit.  I eat as many veggies as possible.  Today my husband and I were coming home from a meeting and it was 1:00 and before if I didn't eat a meal I was sick and CRABBY.  So, he was heading into town and I said, “where are you going?”  He told me he was going to the restaurant so I could eat. I told him I really didn't want to do that. For one, I don't like to eat in a restaurant unless it is one of those very necessary times.  It seems I get stuck eating in them more often than I care to anymore.  He said to me,”wow you really have changed!”  He is right I have changed!  I'm hoping I can add a little stuff back in once in awhile, like an occasional potato, but if I can't oh well.  Thanks for all of your support and all of the great discussions on this board.  I see so many people and I just know they either are gluten intolerant or have candida or both and I just want to help everyone, but they think I'm nuts…LOL We'll see who has the last laugh…