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Mark said:

What is a Candida diet?  What would be a weekly food schedule following a Candida diet?  I'm writting because I'm interested in other people who don't feel 100% after a true gluten free diet.  I am looking for a specified eating plan that is based on a true gluten free diet that would maximize the chances of gut and brain recovery.



The candida diet is a grain free, sugar free, fruit free except for berries and apples (some people differ on this), vinegar free so no mustard or ketchup. (my doctor said apple cider vinegar is fine, but I use it very sparingly)  I eat all veggies, except for potatoes and sweet potatoes(and corn because that is a grain), berries and apples, any kind of meat I want, preferrably grass fed, but I haven't gotten that far yet. I also use xylitol (made from birch bark, not corn) and stevia (no other sweetners).  The idea is you have fungus growing in your body and fungus feeds on sugar – carbs make sugar in your body so you don't want to eat any carbs except for veggies and you want tons of them. (no potatoes though too high in carbs)  I don't find it that much harder than grain free eating.  I have stocked my kitchen with necessary food and am always prepared.  For instance, I just boiled a bunch of eggs to have on hand.  I cook chicken breast up ahead of time and sometimes I even freeze some of them so I can just warm them up quick. I always have lettuce on hand so I can have a salad.  One thing I have found since going on this diet, I don't crave food like I used to.  I eat because I am hungry it is truly amazing to me. Food just isn't the issue that it used to be. This has been a gradual process for me too, so maybe I am just used to cutting stuff out.  I feel so much better and my weight is slowly dropping off, without much effort at all.  I have ALWAYS been addicted to food, now I know why.  My body was craving all of those carbs to feed the fungus.  It is that simple.  The diet varies from physician to physician some people say no apples some people say only green apples, you just have to listen to your doctor and do what he says and read read read until you figure out what works for you. 

I also know this is an answer to prayer and maybe that is why it is so easy for me!