Laura BrazielLaura

I went on the Candida Diet for three months early this year before I found out I was actually gluten intollerant. The Candida diet is basically the Paleo Diet (which I now have to be on permanently). Its a diet that works to rid your body of yeast overgrowth. I purchased a cook book and information book called: Hotze Optimal Eating Program. Here's a website: http://www.physicianspreference.com/store/hotze-optimal-eating-cookbook-p-1307.html

This book contains a full grocery list, the reasoning behind the diet…and tons of recipes. Basically it eliminates more than just gluten…but also other sugars that contribute to yeast overgrowth. It did make me feel better at the time but I didn't stay on it long cuz it really is a tough diet….now I”m basically on it again long term. Good luck!