I have heard that a test for gluten can be falsely negative when gluten has not been consumed for some time.  My tests came back positive after being off gluten for five months.  Is my first statement correct?  Does this mean that gluten is still getting into my diet?  


My gastroenterologist took a blood test for Celiac.  He told me the test came back negative – I do not have Celiac.  He also said that I could have gluten sensitivity and if I felt better not eating gluten, then that is what I should do.  I got my test from the lab and they showed that at 19 units of less it was negative, at 20 units or more it was positive.  Guess the doctor didn’t think I needed to know that.


I would like to know how to determine if I am doing a good job of not for eating gluten?  I do not have any immediate reactions – everything is delayed and subtle – but overall I feel a lot better if I am off gluten  I have taken gluten out of my daily meals, out of my kitchen, out of my supplements, and out of my cosmetics.