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It’s those small drops that I am worried about for both me and my daughter. I’ve already seen people kind of roll their eyes a bit because I worry about the ‘caramel coloring’ in the balsamic vinegar or the ‘natural flavors’ in just about everything. But, IMO, I can cut out all the obvious stuff and all those ‘little things’ could still add up to a lot of drops in my bucket! So I definitely look for all those hidden things as well.

I’ve also had people talk to me like I’m abusing my daughter for removing cheerios from her diet. Or ‘can’t she just have a cupcake’? Or worried that she can’t ‘even have a PB&J/Pizza/Cookies any more’! Um, I am actually coming to the conclusion that people are hurting their children by giving these things to their kids! And my daughter eats very well- let’s see last night dinner was sauteed (in a little organic coconut oil with organic herbs) wild caught shrimp with sliced avocado and some organic sun dried figs for ‘dessert’. Yea, she’s totally feeling deprived Smile