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Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

@redbird said:

While I am also fairly new to this issue of food toxins and intolerances, I have also done a lot of research on this website and many others. A person has to wade through volumes of information and some of it is highly inaccurate too. Maybe Dr. O will jump in with his “two cents” but my observations are that he and GFS use the “protein chart” to empathize to us newbies that “all” the grains have gluten/prolamins that can possibly be a toxic problem for us, especially if we are GS/CD. Try to avoid comparing the amount of protein in each grain as that really doesn’t tell us anything. Some of us are more sensitive to some proteins and we will all react differently as far as symptoms go. What Dr. O is really trying to relate with his explanation of grains is that each of them has the “potential” to do harm in our body/cells, even if we don’t “feel” any symptoms. There is no way without symptoms for each of us to know for sure what harm we are doing with toxic proteins. The latest report from last week showed a research report that showed that corn proteins/zeins showed a powerful ability to adhere to the gluten receptors, in some cases even better than wheat/gliaden proteins. Besides just the GMO factor which is now in virtually “all” our grains/legumes there is the lectin toxicity and all of them are considered to cause brain/nerve damage and toxicity. Some other websites try to completely dismiss anything but wheat/rye/barley gluten and consider anything else as cross-contamination. Some doctors/websites only consider Celiac Disease and not Gluten Sensitivity. Most of us going through this process know better and the deniers do too but are still looking to back up their theories. As we find more and more answers it takes time and if we wait to buy in to what is presented here we are still doing harm and slowing our path to total health. Try to practice the total/true gluten/grain/soy/legume free diet as we study. Avoid processed foods, especially the false “gluten free” industry dribble and if we find later that something we are avoiding is not harmful we can always put it back into the diet. Maybe something like rice can be okay for some that have GS but not “full-blown” Celiac Disease. I feel sure corn/maize/sorghum will never be deemed to be safe by any research for any of us, in fact all recent research is starting to warn of a coming and in some cases already present severe obesity/bad health epidemic. Your health will be rewarded by enjoying the healthy foods and avoiding the possible toxins.Smile

Thank you for the elaborate response. I could not have said it better myself Smile
The other thing to remember here is that gluten can cause symptoms at 20 ppm (parts per million). That is the equivalent of one drop in a gallon of water. I have seen consistent small doses perpetuate autoimmune disease indefinitely.
Love this interaction. It educates us allSmile
Dr. O