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Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

If you go back to that website, don’t make the mistake I did by telling them what you think. After finding the truth here I “thought” maybe they didn’t know better but after informing them it was like I was verbally run-over by a herd of angry buffaloes?haha You will hear remarks about “the science isn’t proven or your source is not a qualified person to give advice”. Some of the denizens of that website have an education and think they are the experts so don’t waste your time. You can read their test results on any foods you are eating that are supposedly gluten-free if that helps. If you read their posts there you will also see that most of them are in a constant super-sensitive turmoil and can’t seem to figure out what to do. Try to tell them and they’ll pounce!! I’ve decided that they are a lot like my family, they don’t want the truth and would rather be sick?
I know that the research/science and medical patient experiences mentioned here is current and showing the same causes and Dr. Osborne is in demand by folks who need the truth about nutrition and negative health results for eating the wrong food, including national TV on FoxNews which is a large an audience as you get on tv! My prayers to you for restoration on all your other health issues! One word of advice and hopefully encouragement. In recent years among my pesty health problems was often skin rashes. Several months ago after everything else seemed to be getting much better but still some skin reddening I decided to change my liquid hand soap. I now use SoftSoap liquid handsoap which is supposed to be gluten free and my skin is now clear and rash free. My wife also had rashes and even some skin cracking and the soap change helped some but not completely. After research I discovered that most dish soaps and detergents will contain gluten and other bad chemicals. I got her some high quality rubber gloves and she now wears them around detergents/chemicals and her skin is clear with no rashes or cracking. So, the skin problem can be from internal gluten/toxins but also maybe some effect from external sources. Hope that helps.