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Wow! That’s so great that you and your wife are so much better! I’m praying for miracles with this too. I REALLY don’t want to lose my liver, so I’m definitely going 100% in with this. My only symptom is a silent one, so I won’t know for sure if it’s helping without regular liver tests. (That’s not completely true I guess, I also have a skin auto immune disease, I suppose if that’s doing better, then maybe I can extrapolate that out to my liver as well…)

I also just saw, on another blog, people using those test strips. I went the the strips’ website, and yep, they only test for wheat, rye, barley and oats. WHAT? That’s giving people basically false information. Saying something is safe, when in fact, it probably isn’t! It said things like junky, colored, sugar laden made of corn and rice breakfast cereal was safe! WHAT??? That is so far from safe, not even just on the gluten point of view…Just stinks to see that kind of stuff.