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Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Sounds like you’re working in the right direction and forget “crazy”. I’ll show you real crazy! My wife and I are 65 y.o. and in October 2011 after 45 years of digestive distress and many health issues I discovered this CD/GS issue on the internet. Many doctors over the years,tests and a few unnecessary surgeries plus a lot of wrong/terrible medicines!! No mention or suggestion of any kind of a food problem. In fact, one time upon going to a Gastroenterologist for the scope test for out of control diarrhea his office gave me a pamphlet for the BRAT diet to stop it. “Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and TOAST” What?? That’s why for the last 30 years I never considered gluten/grains to be any kind of a possible problem. Wouldn’t this Doctor/Specialist know better? I guess not!
In just two days of going as GF (as I had discovered to do) my gut issues completely stopped and my miraculous change in almost all other little health problems started recovering and I was almost overwhelmed with the new me. If that’s not crazy enough, we both went GF to help me and after a few weeks my wife discovered changes in some of her health issues and we did the Enterolab Gluten Sensitivity test on her first and it showed her to have the HLA-DQ1,4 genes for Gluten Sensitivity. We had no idea because she didn’t show the obvious gut symptoms except bleeding that her doctors had attributed to hemmorhoids without even looking? No more bleeding!! Even crazier to me is that we have relatives who also have the CD/GS problems with obvious outward symptoms (even worse than me) and they think I’m crazy while they keep trusting their Doctors who laugh about this “gluten fad” and keep prescribing them dangerous medicines. I don’t usually tell others what to do unless asked but stupidly thought that this discovery was a teriffic blessing that would help our family get restored health and well-being and it is just the opposite, even when they know we have the Enterolab tests for proof?
We started out with little knowledge and “thought” it was nice that food makers were providing some “gluten-free” foods for us, even though they are expensive. Later I found out that “gluten free” on a processed food is a total lie. Maybe a “lower” level but still up to 20ppm of gluten in the food. We for sure are trying to now avoid all gluten, corn and legumes. Rice doesn’t give either of us any noticeable symptoms but we need to try to avoid it as much as possible because what happens “silently” can lead to all the dangerous diseases. The gluten-free baking flours have ingredients that can be questionable too. Even the best of them still may contain; sorghum flour, xanthan gum, etc. and these are not good. Xanthan is distilled with alcohol fermenting the corn to make a powder. Remember that all grains are usually farmed on the same lands and harvested with the same equipment and trucks. Stored in common silos and transported to multigrain factories and packaged on multiuse packaging lines. Thus most all grains are at least cross-contaminated with Wheat/gluten besides the issues of their gluten/prolamins/lectins etc. putting neurotoxins into the food and the body of the consumer. Read and study and regardless of what some “real smart supposedly educated” idiots on other websites that may deny the truth of the information found here may say. The one sure fact/truth I “know” is that you only find the real facts here and Dr. Osborne is trying his best to help all of us who are in health peril from the grain/soy/legume toxins, including himself. I have discovered that there are Doctors and other medical people who have their own families on a diet of safe/GF foods but won’t pass the information to others! The severity of the possible health consequences from research and information found here will depend on how each of our systems react to the toxins and we can’t be constantly taking invasive tests to “prove” every little issue or food possibility. I know a group on another website that is so “mindset” on it being just a gluten only issue that they use a special “gluten test kit” on everything they buy to eat to avoid just wheat,rye and barley glutens. That’s a $2.50/test strip for each test and they still consume the other grain/bean toxins if the test shows negative for gluten unless it makes them ill with symptoms. How much silent damage are they doing?? As I said, it’s tough giving up favorite foods and many of them are actually physically addicting and not fun to experience withdrawal symptoms that go away in time. The only thing you can do is “cheat” on your own health or do the proper thing and look at this from a positive view and enjoy the good foods you can eat and make it a happy journey. Please read all of the past reports that Dr. O has put in the archives, many issues are covered and most answers are there. If you don’t find a needed answer just ask and Dr. O/GFS will help you. Remember the old saying about trying to “keep it simple” and it will be easier. Eat and cook at home and only stock up on the safe foods and there will be nothing in there to tempt us?Smile