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I totally agree and intend to still strive for a grain free existence. Mine is a littler hard to gauge as I don’t have a real ‘reaction’ to gluten. My body has just decided to attack itself because of it- like a silent war has been waged against me and I AM the enemy! It’s crazy! And I had just gone for a standard blood work up thinking I was fine and whining about it being a waste of time and money but doing it anyway because I hadn’t had it done in like 7 years or more…Oh my, I had no idea I was falling apart all around me.

Anyway- I had just felt a little bit like I felt in statistics class. The theme was always- you can make numbers do whatever you want and make charts look however you want by changing the scale, etc. People say ‘numbers don’t lie’, but they CAN be really deceptive! Like how they were compared like apples to apples- 69% to 55%. But really that’s not the complete picture.

I do think that corn needs to go- at least as much I can get out- maybe then, the hidden stuff I don’t catch, like what’s in my shampoo or what not won’t kill me. I just felt like the difference of the 2 should be pointed out. And I totally get the the gluten in any grain can affect different people differently. So maybe even that tiny amount of rice gluten would result in negative effects for some people and not for others, and so on. I, personally, have no idea what affects me and what doesn’t- so I am removing it all! 🙂