Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

Hi Jackie,


Personally, I have quit eating all nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers & eggplants) because of my rheumatoid arthritis and the recommendation for quitting them. I have also read they are high in lectins and anyone with an autoimmune disease might want to try an elimination diet with foods high in toxic lectins and see if they feel better. I don’t think they effect everyone, hopefully Wink.


So therefore I’m never eating potatoes or tomatoes which makes it even harder for me to find something different to eat! Yell I can have sweet potatoes (thank goodness! Smile) because they are apart of the marigold family. I have been avoiding beans/legumes too (and working on quitting soy completely) because they are one of the food groups that are high in lectins. I will see after a month if I can add beans back into my diet but I actually haven’t missed them that much.


Looking forward to Dr. O’s Cookbook Laugh,