Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

 Hi Michelle, I think you read my mind!  I could’ve written this exact post myself, I feel the exact same way, like I’m eating the same things day after day just like you said.  I was wondering how a veteran to this grain-free way of living adds variety.  I can’t wait to see that cookbook Dr. O!  Laugh  In the mean time, which section of the video tutorials specifically refers to this subject?

Lori pretty much summed up my food for the past few weeks since going grain free.  I was thinking that if I had 6-8 new recipes I’d be happy, then I could rotate and not get so burnt out on the same ol’ things.  I know: “eat to live”, it’s just hard getting used to, I’m coming along though.  My whole life to this point has so revolved around hunger that it’s a very big change to try to think this way.  I do find that I’m not as hungry as I used to be though so that helps.

Maybe if we all posted our “usuals” we might gain one or two new things to add to our reporitoire (that’s for sure spelled wrong, sorryEmbarassed)….

I have been having the same thing for breakfast every day for many months: apple slices dipped in peanut butter. 

In addition to what Lori said for lunch/dinner, I was thinking chilli could definately be an option (unless you’re avoiding beans, but you could do bean-free with just tomatoes and other veggies I suppose).  We have this old classic in our family called “hamburger gravy”: you just brown burger with an onion, then add water and thicken, I used potato instead of corn starch and it was great.  Serve over mashed redskins, very filling.  Other options could be soups: such as bean soup, chicken soup, vegetable beef etc.  We did make our own potato chips the other night and that was pretty good, a different way to do potatoes anywayWink.  Does anyone else feel like they’re eating potatoes all the time and can that be a bad thing?