Lori Quandtdlquandt

some of what I eat, hope it helps:

Supper or lunch- I cook beef roast in crock pot and dump in a can of home canned tomatoes and every fresh veggie I like (including potatoes cut up small), let it simmer for awhile (it will thicken a little that way)

tacos (seasoned with chili powder and cumin I just don’t have a shell eat them like a salad

chicken stir fry(I don’t thicken, but I think you could find something to thicken it with I just haven experimented with that)

steak and baked potato with lots of veggies

shred potatoes and make has browns, I cook with extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil.

I’m going to try making pancakes with almond flour

hamburgers with no bun

baked or grilled fish with veggies and sweet potato

I also leave nuts or seed or dried fruit (read label) in my van so if I’m hungry and drive by a McDonalds I won’t stop I just munch on my snack.

I use lots of home canned tomatoes and home canned salsa in stuff. (that way I am in control of ingredients)

I buy all different kinds of fruit so I don’t get bored.  We go through fruit like crazy, but I don’t really spend any more money because I’m not buying bread, chips, candy, cookies and all that other crap!

I really believe in the saying eat to live, not live to eat! Smile