QuestionsWhat is worse, sugar or gluten?
Gluten Genie Staff asked 1 year ago

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Gluten Free Society Staff answered 11 months ago

Gluten is the ultimate enemy, but BOTH can be detrimental!


When talking about sugar, it’s important to note that this refers to added sugars, not those naturally found in vegetables and fruits. This could include dextrose, sucrose, treacle, high fructose corn syrup, and several others. Often, these are hiding out in packaged foods, candy, lunch meats, and cured meats.


Detrimental Effects of Sugar on the body include:


Suppresses Immune Cells

Can Contribute to Fatty Liver

Accelerates Cellular Aging

Impaired Memory & Dementia

Oral Inflammation & Cavities

Depletes Vitamins & Minerals

Increases Risk For Cancers

Type II Diabetes Increases

Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Weight Gain

Contributes to Acne Formation

Causes Behavioral Issues

Causes Candidiasis

Increases Risk for Fertility Problems


You can watch my live video on this here – 14 Reasons Sugar is Toxic