QuestionsIs there a test for gluten sensitivity?
Gluten Genie Staff asked 2 years ago
What kind of testing is there for gluten sensitivity? Should I go on an elimination diet? What is the best way to test for gluten sensitivity?

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Gluten Genie Staff answered 2 years ago

Testing for gluten sensitivity is best done looking at genetic markers that help to indicate a person’s propensity to react to gluten. This is different than testing for celiac disease.

What is the difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease?

Where gluten sensitivity is a state of genetics, celiac is an autoimmune inflammatory disease of the small intestines. Please watch the video below for more detailed break down on this topic.

The gold standard in medicine for diagnosing celiac disease is with the combined use of blood antibodies to gliadin and tissue transglutaminase, along with a positive biopsy of the small intestine indicating villous atrophy. Celiac disease diagnoses is often challenging, because the tests can be misleading, and often come back with false negative results.

The gold standard for identifying gluten sensitivity is two fold.

  1. Genetic testing to identify predisposition genes.
  2. Gluten elimination diet that leads to symptomatic improvement in the individual.

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