QuestionsIs it okay to have a gluten cheat day?
Gluten Genie Staff asked 2 years ago

2 Answers
Gluten Free Society Staff answered 1 year ago

You will have to make that decision for yourself, in the moment it arises. For those with gluten sensitivity, eating gluten damages your gut, your immune system, and much more. As a matter of fact gluten has been implicated in more than 100 diseases, symptoms, and syndromes. Gluten causes inflammation in your gut and allows toxins to pass through intestines un-challenged – Also known as “leaky gut”. This sets the stage for even more health challenges. So to sum up, it is NOT WORTH IT!

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ursulastouffer answered 1 year ago
If you’re truly gluten intolerant (or have Celiac disease, like me) the answer is, ‘Absolutely NEVER!’ While you may not be one of the people who get horrible, obvious symptoms, you’re hurting yourself every time you cheat.